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Bangabandhu “Greatest Bengali of All Time”

Listeners of the BBC’s Bengali service have voted Bangladesh’s first president, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the “Greatest Bengali of All Time”. Sheikh Mujibur, assassinated in 1975, easily beat Nobel prize-winning poet and playwright Rabindranath Tagore. Another Nobel laureate, economist Amartya Sen, was the only living person in the top 20 at number 14. He was one […]

Historic verdict in Bangladesh

The assassins of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman have been brought to justice 23 years after he was murdered and his government was overthrown in a military coup. A historic wrong has thus been set right. NOVEMBER 8, 1998 could well be a turning point in Bangladesh’s history. On that day, Kazi Gulam Rasul, a District and […]

Bangabandhu and Bangladesh

 By Muntasir Mamun The inhabitants of Bangladesh had dreamt of a free land for long. Many individuals had sought to materialise this dream in the past. Many had spoken about that land during the first forty years of the last century. That plan was once again drawn during the partition of India. Moulana Bhashani had […]

Why Sheikh Mujibur Rahman deserves to be the Father of Nation of Bangladesh: A factual Review!

The very old adage: ‘Truth never can be masked by the lie’ has once again come true. After almost 25 years of relentless distortion of Bangalis glorious history of independence by the anti-liberation force, the truth has re-surfaced burying the utter lies generated about the history of independence. At last, the Bangladesh Army Chief, Lt […]

Freed of stigma, nation mourns

For thirty-four years the nation observed the death anniversary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with a demand for justice, but it is different this year, as justice has finally been done. Some historic developments in the judiciary in the past eight months gave this new dimension to observance of the National […]