Unusual night parade before Bangabandhu’s assassination

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An unusual parade was organised on the night of August 14 in 1975 that continued for over four hours and ended only few hours before killing Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family members.
The parade began at 8 at night on August 14 and continued till 2:30 am on August 15, the darkest night of the country’s history, according to the statement of a public witness (PW) of the brutal murder case of the Father of the Nation.
The witness, who was a member of armed forces, in his deposition stated that generally parade is not held with live ammunitions, but for that parade the army personnel were asked to carry arms and ammunitions.
SDM (Squad Designated Marksman) Bashir gave the directive for the parade where the witness saw Major Farook Rahman, Major Mohiuddin, Major Ahmed Shariful Islam, Lieutenant Kismat, Lieutenant Nazmul Hussain Answer and some other persons in civil dress.
The witness (PW 14 in the Bangabandhu Murder Case), said that he also saw Major Rashid and some other officers of Rashid’s unit while Major Farook ordered them to fall in and told them that they were asked to fall in because of a very urgent task. Thereafter, Farook introduced Major Dalim and Major Shahriar who were also in civil dress.
Major Farook asked the troops to obey their directives and said that the tank commanders would know where the tanks would be deployed. The major also asked the troops to be ready to move within half an hour.
“At about 4 in the morning, Major Farook directed them to move”, the witness said, adding that Farook himself was commanding a tank while Lt Kismat was the commander of another tank.
Major Shariful Hossian directed the witness to go to the radio station, and when they reached at the station at around 4 in the early morning, Hossain ordered the gateman of the radio station to remain where they were.
The witness saw Major Dalim came to the radio station at around 5:30 am in an open jeep fitted with a machine gun and guarded with a sepoy. Dalim had a talk with Hossian before entering the radio station. Hossain then checked the army officers and civilians who came there.
The statement of the witness proved that the troops and the tanks were prepared at the parade ground with arms and ammunitions and at 4 in the morning the tank commanders moved out of the cantonment towards the city.
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