Bangabandhu A great lover of Mankind

WHAT IS YOUR QUALIFICATION? I love my people. What is your fault? I love them more. Do you love the Bangalees more than your life and your family? Yes; first time my people, then my family and my life.” These were some excerpts between an English journalist and Bangabandhu when he came out from Pak imprisonment in January 1972. This was the man brutally killed along with all the members of his family on August 15, 1975. The enemies of our independence wanted to uproot the architect of the nation from the history of Bangladesh, for the last 21 years our constitution, our history, our heritage have been marred. The killing of the Father of the nation changed the course of the nation’s history plunging the country into a black chapter of military rule, coups, autocratic regime and political instabilities. August 15 is the most unfortunate and unbearably painful day of a dreadful remembrance making the darkest chapter of indelible stain? The holy soil of the country was soaked by the blood of Bangabandhu and his family members as well as of other patriotic sons of the soil on this day. The people were kept in the complete darkness; the young generation could not know the true history of Liberation war and the hero of this great epic. Students were deprived of knowing of the identity and heritage of this nation. Our liberation war and independence has a long coherent incident.

Bangabandhu was the protagonist of that long incident. In 1966 he declared six points charter of demands which were predominantly significant for the freedom of Bangladesh. It was like planting a sapling of liberty and finally Bangabandhu’s dream matured towards materialization in December 16, 1971. He was a farsighted political leader. From the marathon meetings for consecutive days during the early march in 1971 Bangabandhu guessed that the Pakistani junta was ratching plots against the people of Bangladesh. So, Bagabandhu without delay, at once declared the independence on 7 March 1971 “Our struggle ‘ for freedom, our struggle for independence’ at historic race course maidan rally. And finally on March 25 he sent message all over Bangladesh by declaring the independence. Before arrest, Bangabandhu had every scope to escape to India, but, he could not do that job of a coward. He boldly faced the situation and oppression in Pak jail. After his release from Pak Imprisonment on January 8, Bangabandhu came to London. English journalist David Frost asked Bangabandhu “Why did you not escape to India? Bangabandu said, I can’t; I am committed to my people’. But in the present situation leaders giving commitment to the people being elected showing thumb to the people. Bangabandhu had a strong bridge with the common people and distress humanity. Common people had easy access to Bangabandhu’s doorstep. He did not stay at Bangabhaban. He stayed at 32 Dhanmandi residence and led a very simple life. He also shedded the last drop of blood for the welfare of his people. His treatment towards party worker was like a father’s, a brother’s, and a friend’s. He had wonderful memory. We saw him to remember the name even of an ordinary party worker irrespective of time and place. The National Mourning Day making the 22nd death anniversary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman is being observed officially on August 15. 1997 for the first time. The Nation mourns dastardly assassination of the Father with a renewed pledge to materialize his cherished dream of establishing an exploitation free self reliant Bangladesh. The present government headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, eldest daughter of Bangabandhu came to power after 21 years winning the people’s mandate in the last general election, refreshes its commitment to lead the country to the path of prosperity and stability to implement the unfinished task of the Father of the nation.

 Author : ABM Abul Kashem MP