Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib


We have just mourned the death of our loved ‘father of the nation’ for the thirty fifth time. Many of these years have been spent under autocratic governments; some have been spent with democratic governments who were happy to present a distorted view of history. But now, and for the second time, we have a democratic government in power which will not be worse off if a true history of our beloved Bangabandhu is presented in full.

Then why are we still not seeing a true, complete, and coherent picture of who Bangabandhu truly was and the facts and stories behind all his gigantic contributions to our country?

There is no question as to how great a man Bangabandhu was, and that he is the father of the nation. He was a great leader, a statesman, and most important of all, he was a man of great generosity and courage. But I know this because I have read at least a dozen books on him written by authors both foreign and Bangladeshi, and have had countless discussions with family members who knew him personally. Every Bangladeshi does not have that privilege. They all deserve to know the man behind the legend, a man who probably was greater than the legend. But unfortunately the new AL media gives us only poorly constructed pictures that tell little about Bangabandhu, but lay claims only.

We hope the Ministry of Information will look into this and give our great leader the respect he deserves and serve his legacy with the truth. Then we can all say in unison, ‘Long live the name, the legend, and the memory of Bangabandhu!’

Author : Altaf Mahmud, Student of North South University, Gulshan, Dhaka / Published On: 2010-08-30

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