POEM : Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Rounding the Galaxy, A golden star feels sensation, Suddenly it decides to come in this world as man, He is nobody, He is Bangabhandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Staying in this world, You were always dedicated for the people, You voice was always active, For the rights of the people of East […]

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, a charismatic leader

The people of Bangladesh observed a National Mourning Day on August 15 in memory of father of the nation, Sheikh Mujibur. Better known as Bangabandhu, he was an outstanding orator and hugely a charismatic personality matched by few. His whole life was full of constant struggle and it is difficult to keep a count on […]

The Trial

Here comes another August 15 and brings with it the shocking memory of the most gruesome murder in the history of Bangladesh. It was the 15th August of 1975. A group of disgruntled blood-thirsty mid-level army officers stormed into the two-storied building at road number 32 in Dhanmandi. When the killers came out of the […]

Bangabandhu after the Liberation….A Turbulent Political Career

Bangabandhu returned home on January 10, 1972 after ten months of solitary confinement in a Pakistani prison. Seventy million people of the newly liberated country had been waiting for his return since the end of the war and the subsequent surrender of the Pakistani army on the 16th of December 1971. But January 10 was […]

Bangabandhu before the Liberation..The Road to Independence

Products and information pervade our times. As we are lost in their all-consuming presence and wide ramifications, there is still, room for remembrance of a leader who, even after 28 years of his death, has simultaneously been at the receiving end of eulogy and criticism. Though the image of the man still stands tall, as […]

The day Bangabandhu came home

THE crowds began converging in front of Tejgaon airport at dawn. By early morning, the place was dense with people — young and middle aged, with a smattering of the aged — come to welcome the founding father of the new state of Bangladesh, back home from ten months of captivity in Pakistan. It was […]